A really fast AJAX autocomplete service and widget


Download autocompeter.min.css and autocompeter.min.js and insert into your site.

Submit your page information to like this:

curl -X POST -H "Auth-Key: yoursecurekey" \
 -d url=/some/url \
 -d title="Some Title"

Or by bulk as one big JSON blob:

curl -X POST -H "Auth-Key: yoursecurekey" \
-d '{"documents": [{"url":"/some/url", "title":"Some Title", "popularity":100}]}' \

Check out the documentation on how to use the API.




How the demo on this page was set up.

  • See the HTML bits here on the right.
  • The database was populate by sucking up all ~1,000+ blog post titles from
  • A little bit of CSS overrides was added because this page's Boostrap CSS affected the CSS inside the autocomplete.


Autocompeter is a web service where you put a piece of CSS and Javascript on your site and send your titles and their URLs to Autocompeter so you can have an auto complete search widget on your own site.

Original blog post about the launch here.


  • Super fast
  • Free
  • No server tech for you to deploy or manage
  • You determine the sort order by setting a "popularity" number on each title
  • Can find "Pär is naïve" by typing in "par naive"
  • You can submit use "groups" to differentiate content only certain users should see
  • Bulk upload

About the JavaScript and CSS

  • Javascript code weighs only 4.2 Kb (2 Kb gzipped)
  • Requires no jQuery or any other Javascript framework
  • CSS code weighs only 781 b (395 b gzipped)
  • The CSS code is derived from a SCSS file

About the server


Detailed documentation available on


Just file an issue on GitHub.